Best Period: January – February and March


Skiing Winter can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors and take part in winter sports. One winter sport that many people enjoy is snowboarding. Although snowboarding is now an official Olympic sport, anyone can learn how to start. Learning some of the basic ideas can help you get a head start when you begin practicing snowboarding and make your first time on the slopes an enjoyable one.


Day 1

Registration and check in ski lodge at Solang. Course briefing and introduction of instructors. Issue and introduction of ski equipment. Learn to walk and getting up on skies, balancing and sliding.

Day 2

Demonstration and practice downhill movement, sidestepping, traversing and learn snow plough techniques & practise.

Day 3

Revision of snow plough & practise. Introduction of snow plough turn, edges and practise.

Day 4

Practice snow plough turns, edge control and body stretching movements.

Day 5

Introduction of stem turn. Demonstration and practise of stem turn on longer slopes.

Day 6

Demonstration of using ski poles on stem turn and practise.

Day 7

Free skiing till lunch. Closing ceremony and distribution of certificates. Trainees will be shown videos of skiing and given talks on skiing history, care and maintenance.