In Manali the best season for trekking is June to October. It is also recommended that avoid trekking during winter season in Manali as it may dangerous. For doing trekking in Manali, there are also certain points that should be keep in mind like the clothes. The weather of the Manali is too cold so visitor must choose warm clothes during the period of trekking. There are also many other things which is required during trekking. These may include back packs which must be comfortably fitted during trekking. These back packs contain the necessary belongings that required while planning trekking for long period. Another important thing is shoes. The shoes for trekking must be comfortable for long distance to avoid any pain during traveling. The other equipments include first aid kit, water and proper supply of food. It is better to take an experienced or professional to make trekking safe and enjoyable. The other benefit of professional is that they give the idea about the necessary things in trekking. We have a database of treks in the Indian Western Himalayas from which you can choose depending upon the season, the time limit and your budget. If you want we can also custom plan a trek especially for you according to your choice.

4 (Night)
5 (Days)
Beaskund Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Solang - Dhundi - Bakarthatach - Beaskund - Bakarthatach - Solang .

Price: On Request

Chandertaal Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Chhika - Balu Gera - Hamta Pass - Sia Goru - Chatru - Chandertaal - Manali.

Price: On Request

Bhrigu Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Raoli kholi - Bhrigu Lake .

Price: On Request

Hamta Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Chhika - Balu Gera - Hamta Pass - Sia Goru - Chatru - Manali.

Price: On Request

Malana Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Rumsu - Chandarkhini - Malana Village - Kosal - Jari - Manali.

Price: On Request

3 (Night)
Patalsu Trekking Destinations Covered:

Leh - Tilad Do Via chilling - Gvalpo - Tibb cave - Naerak - Tibb - Gvalpo - Tilad Do - Leh.

Price: On Request

14 (Night)
Pin parvati Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Barshaini - Khirganga - Tundabhuj - Thakur Kuan - Odi Thach - Mantalai - Pin Parvati - Tiya - Mud - Losar - Rothang pass - Manali .

Price: On Request

8 (Night)
Deo Tibba Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Chhika - Seri - Tenta - Deo Tibba - Tenta - Chhika - Manali .

Price: On Request

2 (Night)
Kheerganga Trekking Destinations Covered:

Manali - Kullu - Kosal - Khriganga - Barshaini - Manali .

Price: On Request